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Welcome to my mixed martial arts personal page! I do freelance journalism for a few sites and publish my own content through podcasts, videos, and articles. I’ll post links to the content through this site and share updates as they come. Feel free to comment, share, and let me know your thoughts!


Patrick here. I’m just a guy – working in front of a computer – writing about a sport I love. When I’m not watching, eating, and breathing MMA, I work as a business analyst for a tech company. Playing with dogs, eating chilaquiles, and livin’ my best life in ATX are my favorite ways to spend weekends. Although a lifetime fan, I only recently began publishing content. My goal is to share my passion with other people and engage with as many fans as possible. Fantasy MMA was my first project and AllDayAuger is another way to share thoughts about fights, discuss upcoming events, and be a part of the media.